Christian Nørgaard’s exhibition activities extend over 25 years with exhibitions in Copenhagen, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Milan, Hong Kong, and Stockholm just to name a few. The exhibitions below are, therefore, just the most important ones curated by Nørgaard.


David Lynch: New Photographs (Germany)  |  Infinite Deep (Switzerland, Denmark)
Steve McCurry: Iconic works (Denmark, Czeck Republic, Slovacia)
National Geographic: 125 years of National Geographic (Denmark, Sweden)
Nick Nichols, Jim Brandenburg: Denmark, Sweden
Marco Grob: Iconic Portraits (USA, Denmark)
Hasselblad Masters: Lyle Owerko, Mark Zibert, Bang Peng, Stephan Zirwes, Nina Berman, and more (Netherlands, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, China, Italy, France, Canada, India, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Russia, Norway, Finland, Israel, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand)


Christian Nørgaard was also the creator of the Hasselblad Masters program and in charge of creating films and books with the photographers. Moreover, Nørgaard created Victor magazine.

Hasselblad – Amercian photographer Michael Grecco about working with Hasselblad equipment.

Hasselblad – Photo journalist Steve McCurry about using Hasselblad’s H4D-40.

Hasselblad – Malaysian photographer Kevin Then and Hasselblad’s H4D-40.

Hasselblad – David Lynch about working with Hasselblad H3DII-39.

Hasselblad Masters Books Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, teNeues

Victor Magazine by Hasselblad